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18. Over My Head


Like many of my fellow bloggers I have been looking at my world with new eyes. My camera is ALWAYS nearby… after a few times of NOT having it with me, and being sure that I missed a gazillion photo opportunities because of it!

Earlier this week I was in my house by the ocean and heard a low flying helicopter. When I looked out the window I realized it was actually landing in a nearby beach parking lot. Of course the first thing I thought about what grabbing my camera and going to see what was happening! When I got to the beach I realized that this helicopter wasn’t the Coast Guard or beach analyzers or researchers checking on the red tide or erosion. But instead a medical emergency transport helicopter.

In Indiana we called them Samaritan helicopters. We would see them regularly following the path of a near by interstate highway. I always told my girls to take a minute and say a little prayer if they saw one because surly it meant that someone was in trouble and could really use the good thoughts.

I am both impressed and comforted knowing that in times of trouble we have such wonderfully trained professionals so accessible to us. The helicopter hadn’t landed for more that just a couple minutes when an ambulance pulled into the parking lot. The patient in crisis was quickly whisked away to the waiting helicopter and almost before I could get a good focus was “over my head,” and on their way to get the much needed medical treatment.

Then I took a minute to send the unknown person my good wishes and prayers to the family that was certain to be feeling very anxious for their loved one…



5 thoughts on “18. Over My Head

  1. I especially like how you captured the scene which told the story through the lens of your camera.

  2. I cringe when I see or hear these helicopters. Well done, Mindy.

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