52 Weeks Of Photo Challenges

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52. A Calm Moment


Last week I went with 2 fellow photographer/blogger/adventure seekers to the Republican National Convention in Tampa Florida. We were seeking some unique photo ops and it was an absolute blast! I took shots that were suitable for many of our themes but I am choosing to post a photo of something a little unexpected. Alongside the parading protesters and frenzied media a mounted policeman was showing his horse some kindness and having “A Calm Moment.” This is the stuff that doesn’t make the news…


6 thoughts on “52. A Calm Moment

  1. This tugs at your heart strings, doesn’t it? You’re right in that our media overlooks moments like this.

  2. Great moment & great post. Almost as good as the cops in Coyote Ugly.

  3. Wow…that is a tender moment. I never thought about the trauma a horse goes through. So much protective gear. That horse looks calm and protected! Great capture.

  4. any animal helping a human being seems so noble … what a lovely idea to take this photo.

  5. What a great moment to catch-love the look on both of their faces!

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