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49. Anyone Home?


Last week while driving around I took a wrong turn and stumbled across a little gem. It’s called Jiggs Landing and is located on the Ever’s Reservoir on the Bradenton River.

The site was originally purchased in the mid 30’s by Al (Jigs) Metcalf and his wife Agnes Spicer Metcalf and established as a fish camp and safe harbor for those in need of one spiritually, physically or emotionally.

Manatee County acquired Jiggs Landing in 2005. Restoration was completed in 2011. Now visitors can rent one of the 4 little cabins, fish, have a gathering in the picnic shelter or visit the replica cabin. It’s fun to wander the peaceful grounds and enjoy the Old Florida charm in a place that is quickly becoming surrounded by new home construction.

I thought the little turquoise cabins fit perfect with my “Anyone Home?” theme.


6 thoughts on “49. Anyone Home?

  1. Looks peaceful. I think I could stay there for a week or two, or maybe the rest of my life!

  2. Lovely photo. Can’t wait to see this site this winter.

  3. I really like this photo. Could easily be a competition photo. Great job Ms. Mindy!!

  4. Nice story & great photo Mindy.

  5. I really like your pretty photo of Jiggs Landing. I had heard of it but had no idea where it was.

  6. I would love to stay there…the colors are fantastic!

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