52 Weeks Of Photo Challenges

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45. Bubbles



On most sunny days in the last month or so you will find a bubble machine blowing bubbles at 1200 Orange Avenue.  I can not think of any reason other than this person is just trying to brighten peoples day! The day I stopped to take photos it was a bit breezy so I had to take several shots. I also learned real fast that this photo isn’t possible on auto focus!  I also was excited that I worked through it! Manual focus and patience. I was so curious I went to the door to ask what the story is… and was disappointed that nobody answered. So, I’m going with my original thought. I am going to believe the bubble machine owner is trying to simply brighten the day of those driving past!

I think I want a bubble machine of my own!

5 thoughts on “45. Bubbles

  1. I have never noticed this bubble machine but will be looking for it next time I travel down Orange Avenue. What a pretty scene it makes with the colorful flowers in the background.

  2. I really like your photo, but your comments even more Mindy

  3. YOU brighten anyones day who gets the chance to know you. Thank you for your lovely pictures and your lovely self.

  4. I, too, like the bubbles with colorful background. Really looking forward to meeting you soon!

    • Let me know when you get back. I think it would be fun to get as many of us as we can together for lunch one day. I still have several I really haven’t had a chance to meet! But I feel like I already know so much about them just by looking at their photos!

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