52 Weeks Of Photo Challenges

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31. Trash or Treasure


We had ourselves a little photography adventure yesterday. My plans fell through on another project that I had scheduled so I had some time I hadn’t counted on. I gave another blogger a call and we set out to a local antique shop on a hunt for a specific prop I have been looking for. Of course we had our cameras with us too.

The shop is called Retro Rosie’s Vintage Clothing and Accessories and Cobweb’s Unique Finds. It sits along Manatee Avenue near downtown Bradenton. It’s one of those little places that I drive past all the time in a hurry and always think, I wish I had time to stop by and look around. I’m always in some big hurry to go someplace I think is important at the time. Or I am with my husband who thinks it’s a bad idea. You know what I’m talking about ladies!  I do the head pivot and say I’ve always wanted to stop there and he acts like he didn’t hear me and drives faster so I can’t say it twice!

The girls at the shop were very nice and welcomed us to take all the photos we wanted. I think they even stayed open a little late because we were having so much fun!  I thought this photo would be nice for my blog. I think it is full of all sorts of treasures! My husband might think the other!


10 thoughts on “31. Trash or Treasure

  1. Well that’s a pretty good photo for the subject, but I think Mike might take offense to your attitude. Bad, bad attitude.

  2. Dreamy and beautiful!! Did you use any filters?

  3. Nice capture. I like the lighten. HDR?

  4. Joanna and Doug, I shot in HDR. The room itself had great lighting… I love how the HDR made all the details pop.

  5. Looks like you girls had lots of fun. This looks like an interesting place in which to browse.

  6. Always enjoy seeing your photos – good eye! And interesting subjects!

  7. Give an whole new way to consider using HDR. Very nice creation as it almost looks 3D.

  8. I have been to the shop. You have captured it in a most magical way!

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