52 Weeks Of Photo Challenges

A theme based photo blog

41. Crossing The Line


Today I photographed a friends children for a family Christmas card. It was a fun filled and fast moving hour or so!  Every time I look at this photo it makes me smile. Clearly this big sister thought her little brother was “Crossing The Line!”


8 thoughts on “41. Crossing The Line

  1. Really nice capture! That will be one that will show up often!!

  2. I love this photo! It’s so absolutely perfect for the theme.

  3. Mindy,
    Love the- ‘What you want me to let my brother kiss me” moment – well done.

  4. That expression says it all. Priceless moment.

  5. That’s really great. Super photo. As always, you provided a gtreat moment Mindy.

  6. You cannot but smile at this shot. I seem to remember living this shot so many years ago. 🙂

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