52 Weeks Of Photo Challenges

A theme based photo blog

A6. Looking Down


This past weekend a friend came to my new studio to help me do a shoot to test the lighting. I took several photos of her “looking down” because I was in awe of her REAL eyelashes!  There isn’t enough mascara in a full tube to give me eyelashes like that!


10 thoughts on “A6. Looking Down

  1. looks agreat,
    I love your black and whites

  2. What a beautiful girl and she is very photogenic. I really like the black and white — you will do very well with your new studio.

  3. A Lovely Woman photogaphed beautifully. I think your studio will get put to good use. Well Done!

  4. Great job! I can’t wait to see more of your studio photography.

  5. Very nice. Lovely lighting and great conversion to black and white.

  6. Great photo Mindy. Perfect soft hand position for this pose.

  7. You do great work – love the sensitivity and atmosphere.

  8. Love it Tu, you are going to be so busy YOUR eyelashes will grow.

  9. Lovely girl and beautiful photography. Makes me a little sorry I painted my white walls….but being darker, I might try a B&W effect with that.

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