52 Weeks Of Photo Challenges

A theme based photo blog

36. Light


I thought this series of photos would be nice for the theme “Light.” I enjoyed watching how the scene changed as the light changed. When taking the photos I thought my favorite photo would be the one showing the sunsets reflection in the mirrored building against the contrasting sky in the background. But as the light changed I wasn’t so sure. I loved playing with the exposure time and catching the light of the head lights and tail lights of the passing cars.




5 thoughts on “36. Light

  1. Great shots Mindy. I always love the string of light created by the tail lights of the cars the best.

  2. These are wonderful. The second one is my favorite. It looks like the building is glowing. I love that building and always think how fun it would be to photograph 🙂

  3. Traci, I have driven past during a nice sunset and I think there is a great shot to be had from the grassy area right at the intersection. Just have to be there at the right time!

  4. Nice series. Are we voting? I like the third one, added drama.

  5. I always like the darker pictures as the blacks and blues are always colder and the car lights warm it up.

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