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47. A Pair Of…


During a recent visit to the Cortez fishing docks I took a photo of “A Pair Of” white pelicans!

A cousin to the brown pelican, the stunning white pelican, is one of the largest birds in all of North America with an impressive 108-inch wing span. They are found throughout the state, but on Florida’s Gulf Coast, between Sarasota and Naples, you’ll find large communities of these wintering visitors. More timid in nature than brown pelicans, they find safer, more secluded environments such as estuaries, lakes, mangrove islands or within geographically protected areas, rather than open water.


9 thoughts on “47. A Pair Of…

  1. Sooooo beautiful Tu. Can’t wait for the framed and signed edition. Xxo

  2. love the colours in the reflections.

  3. They are a really interesting bird. My only photos of white Pelicans are from Yellowstone. Good job. Nice photo.

  4. Hi do you have a new grandchild yet?

    Would love to get together for lunch and catch up

    Melody Martin Sunshine Captured Photos 941-587-8765

  5. Very nice Mindy. We get them in the spring in our community as they migrate back to the north. Grear photo opportunities.

  6. Ohh, how the fishermen hate these great fishers!! I love the reflection in the water. Good job!

  7. Hi…. I have been following all the photos in your blog. You do a great job Jeanne

  8. Cool shot. It could also be used for Zig Zag.

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