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Blogger luncheon at the Half Shell


Thanks to all of you who made it to our blogger luncheon today at the Half Shell Oyster Bar! We were so happy to put faces to some of the bloggers we hadn’t met before.  I know I learned some things about those we HAD met before!

For those who couldn’t join us we look forward to our next get together and hope you can come. For those who are blogging from the far corners let us assure you that we are all enjoying your posts immensely! We all agree that its great fun to see how others are interpreting the different themes.

Those who attended all agree that we should come up with another 52 themes for next year. So please feel free to send your theme suggestions to Mary Nell, Patricia or myself. Remember that our 52 weeks will end at the end of July. If any of you have other photographer friends who you think would like to join us in August for a new batch of themes please let us know their contact info and we will be sure they know what the next themes are. 

Until next time… 🙂Image

10 thoughts on “Blogger luncheon at the Half Shell

  1. This is so much fun. I just reposted this post to invite my FB friends to join in next time around!

  2. So sorry I missed the luncheon! I hope we can get together before the end 🙂

  3. I really enjoyed our luncheon and meeting everyone, Thank you Mindy for putting this all together. Also. I spoke to my daughter and she will be in town the weekend (march 3) and available to model for you shoot…and I would be happy to join in. She actually seemed excited when I told her you wanted to photograph her in a wedding dress…It must be her age…well anyway count us in.

  4. Glad you had a good meeting and that you are hoping to carry on with the themes next year – done suggestions
    A colour again instead of red
    Having fun
    Being sensible
    It’s cooking
    Just a few ideas

  5. A few more Im sure you are getting pleny to choose from:-
    All dressed up
    At the grocery store (supermarket)
    In the trees
    Amaze, amazed or amazement
    All fixed
    Hills or mountains

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