52 Weeks Of Photo Challenges

A theme based photo blog

14. All Alone


In my search today for blog photos I went to Myakka State Park. I felt inspired after visiting the Clyde Butcher Gallery in Venice to take a stroll through nature.  This photo probably breaks a lot of rules… but I don’t care, I love it! It was such a beautiful day… the sun flare feels happy to me. My walk “All Alone” filled my cup to the tippy top!


8 thoughts on “14. All Alone

  1. So you broke some rules huh. Well so what. I like that photo. Good job. BTW, the photo didn’t show up on my e mail, but sure looks good via FB.

  2. Keep breaking them rules with great photo’s

  3. Pretty darn cool, Mindy! And we know you like to break rules; so keep doing whatever pleases your eye!

  4. Lovely…just need a picnic and a smattering of armadillos to complete the party.

  5. Oh, dear . . . there are rules? I like your photo, too.

  6. Did you EVER follow rules?!

  7. Stunning. I love the sun flare.

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