52 Weeks Of Photo Challenges

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23. Above And Beyond


Today after going on a photography field trip with my local photography club I sat out on a 52-Week Challenge photo hunt. I am behind on my postings and decided that today I would not return home until I found at least photos I could blog about! It didn’t take me long to find my first photo! I was driving along and wishing that there were just a few more clouds out to make it a little more over cast. I was worried about the sun being to bright to shoot some of my planned shots. I looked up wishing for less sunshine and just LOOK what I found!!  I thought this fit the “Above and Beyond” theme on so so many levels!


9 thoughts on “23. Above And Beyond

  1. Wow! Now that is really great. It doesn’t get much more “above & beyond” than that.

  2. Mindy – I had the same experience and just threw it on the blog – great minds??????

  3. I noticed this but it was too far gone to read. Good job capturing it!!

  4. We were showing properties all day and watched this sky writing unfold. Nice capture.

  5. Right place at the right time! This is marvelous!

  6. I see were you and Bill Mills were looking to the heavens for inspiration and found it.

  7. how did i miss this? nice job.

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