52 Weeks Of Photo Challenges

A theme based photo blog

29. Stacked High


Earlier this week I took a stroll downtown Sarasota looking for blog photos with a friend. I feel like my photo search is beginning to get harder! Several of the themes I have left have me totally stumped. Photos seem to be less planned and more of a coincidence. This is a good example of stumbling onto something very random, interesting and totally unexpected.

I have driven down Main Street many times and never would have noticed this shop if I hadn’t been on foot AND carrying a camera. I seem to look more closely at everything when I am looking for a photo. I noticed a really pretty ballet costume just inside a shop door that caught my eye. I thought it might fit the glitter theme… I told the shop keeper that I was working on a photo blog and he quickly ushered me to the back room to show me stacks and stacks of his other costumes. Unbeknownst to me this man has a thriving business supplying the finest dancers all over the United States with hand beaded Russian made ballet costumes. I thought these photos fit perfectly with the “Stacked High” theme. AND because I was looking more closely I discovered something new and interesting about someplace familiar to me! http://www.tutustar.com to read more about something in our own back yard!ImageImageImageImage

9 thoughts on “29. Stacked High

  1. Mindy!!! What lovely colors! I want one of those dresses to fulfill a childhood dream of doing ballet. I love the 3rd photo. What a great fit for the theme.

  2. Well that’s pretty good for stacked high. Lots of Tutu’s. I’m betting it won’t be too long before we see glitter from Mr Tutu’s as well. Nice job.

  3. very interesting. Good selection for the theme.

  4. We all need to get out more with our camers and discover new and interesting things. I agree, with camera in hand you see the world with a lot more discern.

  5. the colors are just crazy gorgeous!

  6. Once again your eye for capturing the unusual and the beauty in it— breathtaking—- you have come a long way Miss Mindy!!!

  7. You are tutu much, Miss Mindy! Great find! Lovey photos!

  8. Wasn’t this place amazing ! Your photos made me feel like I was right there again. Beautiful.

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