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6. The Old and The New


When I was visiting Panama recently I took special notice of the new road construction that had already begun when I moved back to the United States. When I still lived in Panama I was impressed at how quickly the road construction was moving along. But on my return I was amazed at some of the things that were NOT completed.  The photo will also explain why most of the locals choose to not drive at night. Apparently they sometimes do things in a different order in other countries… like moving power poles.

We also took a trip with friends one day to a small town on the opposite side of Volcan Baru. I was able to stop and take a photo to show “The Old and The New” road.  Until this new road was built the only way to cross this particular river was on foot. IMG_1121IMG_7813

6 thoughts on “6. The Old and The New

  1. Just LOVE the power poles in the middle of the road – did they not realise what they’d done?! Hmmm did you ever go over the foot bridge I wonder – that would have made for an “exciting” photo of looking down! – maybe fitting into the category of “Faith” or “Fear” !

  2. We should have had a category called ‘Missed’ – the second one would have been perfect – good job Mindy – assume the canal was accurately surveyed!

  3. So funny.. instead of a speed bumps just build the road around the powerpoles! Ibet you got some great photosof the old foot bridge!

    • Hi Sue, You must have had a wonderful experience – I hear their cruises are excellent. We are doing a 14 day on Celebrity – got great write ups and have a friend who is a travel agent. It is a big ship and visits St Thomas,St Maarten,Antigua,St Lucia,Barbados,Curacao, Bonaire and Aruba. Leave on 23 so can’t wait. bill

      • Hi Bill. If you have time you should take a day trip to St. John when you are docked in St Thomas. Much of the island is National Park and the North Shore is filled with amazing overlooks and pristine beaches. Traci

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