52 Weeks Of Photo Challenges

A theme based photo blog

7. Shadows


Last weekend I went to the Florida Winefest to watch the balloon glow. I was amazed at how up close and personal the photographers were allowed to get. It was a lot of fun and a great challenge to adjust my camera settings so quickly as the sun went down. I thought this photo would be a fun fit for my “Shadows” theme. I was able to place myself in the photo… right up the middle!


4 thoughts on “7. Shadows

  1. You look so tall in this picture. I can imagine the smile on the ballon’s face is smiling at your cleverness.

  2. Yes, I do look tall! And a little bottom heavy too! It was a happy looking balloon wasn’t it!?

  3. I never noticed how long your legs were! Great picture by a great photographer.

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