52 Weeks Of Photo Challenges

A theme based photo blog

16. Manual Labor


For my “Manual Labor” post I thought I would post some photos I took on my last visit to Panama. I have always loved a wall mural in a Boquete Cafe that shows the harvest of the orange trees and coffee plants.  Another day I went with friends to purchase flower plants in an area known for both their flower AND vegetable farms. I spotted this building covered in another mural showing the vegetable harvest. The Provence on Chiriqui is known for it’s furtive volcanic soil. It’s also considered the bread basket of Panama.


4 thoughts on “16. Manual Labor

  1. Way cool shots…how would you like that on your garage door !

  2. Nice murals…missed that when I was there.

  3. Super pictures. Saw something similar in Key West.

  4. Oh, marvelous idea for your theme, Mindy. I wonder why I have photos of these murals, too.

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