52 Weeks Of Photo Challenges

A theme based photo blog


15. Decay

I was poking around in my flower gardens this evening and ran across these mushrooms growing in my decaying mulch. Seeing the mushrooms always make me think about mushroom hunting as a kid in Indiana. We would walk through the woods in the spring time hunting for morel mushrooms. We would wash up a mess of them. Roll them in flour and fry them in butter. A little salt and pepper and you were in heaven! Makes my mouth water…

I’m also reminded when I see mushrooms like this that they are not all good to eat. When I was about 5 years old my Mom caught me in the yard playing house or something. I had squished them up in a bottle and making a meal out of them. She promptly took me to the hospital to have my stomach pumped. That was the last time I ate a mushroom without someone telling me first that it was safe to eat.



46. It’s Moving (Just Not Fast Enough!)

So, these days I pretty much have my camera with me all the time AND a list of the few themes I have left!

Today while driving to the store I spotted this turtle trying to cross the road. My first thought was, “oh no, that turtle is going to get squashed!” My second thought was, “will that fit a theme?” The only thing I was certain of was that a dead turtle wasn’t going to make a good photo and I’m pretty sure there isn’t a death theme. That would just be gross! I hit the hazard flashers, grabbed my camera, took a photo out the window, looked for cars and got out. I asked the turtle to smile. No luck. Took his photo anyhow. Then all of a sudden I realized what I had just committed to. I was going to have to pick up this turtle and carry it to the grass. That was a good idea from inside the car. Have you ever picked up a turtle that didn’t want to be picked up?! And who knew their legs are THAT long. Ack! And they smell like pond water! The first 2 attempted resulted in me squealing and quickly (yes, gently) putting the turtle back down. That is the photo I wish I had! I was standing in the road giggling out loud hoping nobody was watching me. I took a deep breath and just got it over with. I told the turtle I just saved it’s life and again asked it to smile for my camera. Still no luck. I left with the turtle facing the direction from which it had come and wishing I carried wet wipes in my camera case! I am using the theme, “It’s Moving.” Although a more appropriate theme would have been, “It Should Be Moving Faster.”




39. Red

I’m working hard to get through these last few weeks of my photo blog! You would think finding something “Red” would be a no brainer. Yet, everything seems to obvious or not creative enough to photograph. I finally settled on something today! A little self serving? Maybe! I went for a pedicure this afternoon and just to satisfy my photo theme I chose the color Red! I grabbed a photo in the parking lot with my iPhone before I did something stupid to mess it up.



32. Glitter

I had a totally different idea for the photo to go along with this theme originally. But after reviewing the photos I took recently at my granddaughters dance recital I decided to chuck that idea. How could I not use her as my subject. Her little costume certainly glittered. And as far as I was concerned when she was on stage she glittered so brightly that to me she was the only one there!



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Next Years Challenge

This years 52 Week Challenge is quickly coming to an end! Just a few short weeks to get all caught up… I know we are all having the same problem trying to come up with a photo for those themes that we have avoided all year long! We are all in the same boat on this one! Don’t feel bad if you have to use an idea that someone else already tried! It’s ok! This is just for fun and we don’t want anyone to feel discouraged. Even if you use the same idea your photo isn’t going to be exactly the same!

Mary Nell, Patricia and I have been working on finishing up the theme list for next year. We have some great ones!! This week we will pick a time and place to have our year end luncheon so keep an eye out for that announcement. Also, if you know anyone that might be interested in joining in on the next challenge let us know. We are going to set up a time and place to help newbies build a page and learn how to maintain it. Anyone who feels like they need a refresher on any part of wordpress your welcome to join us.

You don’t have to live in our area to join in! If you are someone who follows our photo challenge and would like to participate just let me know! The more the merrier…

Now get busy taking photos!! Time is almost up! According to my count today you should be posting your 46th post if you are all caught up!


A4 Fast Moving

Today I went to a USA “Dig The Beach” volleyball tournament held on Siesta Key Beach. I love love love trying out new situations with my camera. This certainly proved to be a challenge. Luckily for me one of the photographers for ROX Volleyball is a friend of mine and gave me some great pointers before we got started. He pointed out some great players to focus on that would be sure to give me plenty to work with. I think I got a few of Kristen Batt that aren’t to bad for a rookie volleyball photographer!

As usual I am home looking through all my photos and seeing what I would have done differently! I can’t wait to try something “Fast Moving”, again!

ImageImageImageIMG_8846 copy

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38. The End

This past weekend I visited Indiana to attend a graduation. I had 2 nieces and a nephew graduate from high school. I chose to post a photo I took of them to go with the theme, “The End.” An obvious choice as they close this chapter of their lives and move on to becoming adults. I also took some artistic liberties with the photo by adding some scratches and fading to represent how my memories of high school have faded as I have grown older.