52 Weeks Of Photo Challenges

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33. On A Farm

A farm? Or a Ranch? This is the sign that hangs over the entrance to the Lakewood Ranch High School football field entrance. I think it’s cool and so I chose it for my “On A Farm” theme!

the ranch

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10. Workers Present

I remember when I first moved to Florida in 2003 one of my biggest complaints was not being able to find some of my favorite stores nearby. Then of course I moved to Panama and learned what that really meant. The choices there were far less. I came back with a whole new appreciation for being able to find things that I both needed and wanted. Shopping in Panama can seem like a bit of a treasure hunt at times.

The area around Lakewood Ranch has changed a lot since I first lived here. I used to have to drive to either the South Side of Sarasota, Brandon, Tampa or Orlando to shop at the really big malls. That is all about to change! Benderson Development is building The Mall At University Center just a few miles from where I currently live. The choices are about to get even better! And I will really appreciate it!

The Mall At University Center

The Mall At University Center

I am really hoping that this photo is of a Cheesecake Factory under construction.

I am really hoping that this photo is of a Cheesecake Factory under construction.

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4. Wrinkles

Noticed this beautiful gown in a store window. For the amount of money that it costs I think they could have ironed out the “Wrinkles.”  Just sayin… ;D



13. Zig Zag

Sarasota if filled with statues/sculptures! Just in googling for this blog I found stories about the Museum of Art and Whimsy, The Art Center Sarasota’s Statue Gardens, Sarasota Season of Sculpture and one that everyone is very familiar with the Unconditional Surrender kissing statue near Marina Jacks! I must admit I don’t always understand some of the choices of sculpture they choose to display along the bay. The Unconditional Love statue attracts a lot of tourists, but I’m puzzled how a statue that is based on a photo taken in New York found its way to the bay front in Sarasota. Oh well.

I found this silly alligator art/sculpture on Palm Ave. recently while walking around in downtown Sarasota. It’s not my favorite piece of downtown art but it did fit the theme “Zig Zag.” Because of that it will earn a place in my weekly photo blog. Maybe next year one of our themes will match some of the other statues that rank higher on my list!


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28. The Sound of Music

I love to hang out at O’Leary’s Tiki Bar. It is located in Bayfront Park in downtown Sarasota. It’s a relaxed atmosphere that is usually filled with “The Sound of Music.” You can count on there being someone singing a Jimmy Buffett tune! The park is dog friendly so there are usually lots of furry friends running around with their owners enjoying the sights, smells and an occasional game of fetch along the waters edge. The food is basic and the drinks are always cold!



48. Point or Pointed

During Nik Wallenda’s recent walk across the Grand Canyon local residents gathered in downtown Sarasota to watch together on the jumbotron. While the crowd waited for the main event there were several performances by the members of the Sarasota Circus. I managed to get close enough to grab a photo of these 2 very strong men that I thought would fit nice with my Point or Pointed theme. They definitely had very pointed feet and hands!

Circus Sarasota Performers at the Nik Wallenda street party.




44. Red, White and Blue

I’m sure I am not the only one of us that was saving up the “Red, White and Blue” theme for the 4th of July! It was an obvious choice to me. Perhaps not the most creative. But it was fun! I had a hard time picking just one though. I really thought it would be all about the desserts. But then Mary Nell showed up to the festivities with these awesome painted toes so I had to include them too!

photo-8 IMG_9619 photo-9 photo-3