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19. I Want One


I was shopping today for some last minute things I need for an upcoming trip. I saw this and thought to myself, “Oh, I sure do want one of those.” Unfortunately I am saving all my calories for vacation desserts! I know it will be worth it… but for today it was sure hard to keep pushing my shopping cart past all my favorite Ben and Jerry ice cream flavors!


12 thoughts on “19. I Want One

  1. Good ad for Ben and Jerry’s. Let me guess…you would have chosen ‘Half Baked’! πŸ™‚

  2. Will you want ice cream in Alaska? … More like hot chocolate!

  3. I’m going for the top shelf!
    Maybe you’ll have baked Alaska on your trip! Ha!

  4. Clever picture of Ben & Jerry’s and I love your sunset. By the way we are ice cream lovers also. After you get back from your vacation give a call & we will meet you for an ice cream run.

  5. Anything goes with ice cream or motorcycling. Big Olafs – it a deal.

  6. Now you make me want to try the Cherry Garcia……never had it!
    Ice cream and motorcycles definitely go together……..It cools you off!!!

  7. Love Cherry Garcia, however Chunky Monkey is my favorite!

  8. Now that vacation is over, you can stock up on Ben & Jerry’s! 😜

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