52 Weeks Of Photo Challenges

A theme based photo blog

30. Other Photographers


Our photo blogs are getting some exciting attention! The East County Observer has done a story about how much fun we are having! Last week Josh Siegel sat down with Mary Nell, Patricia and I to find out more about the 52-Week Photo Challenge. If you want to read the full story you can visit an online version of the paper here. While Josh was taking a photo of us, I of course was taking a photo of him! Perfect for the theme, “Other Photographers.”



11 thoughts on “30. Other Photographers

  1. That’s awesome! You three have done a wonderful job putting together this challenge both years for all of us. Thank you!! =)

    • We are ALL having a great time with it! I had a blogger email me today and told me that she was at a wedding in France last week. She couldn’t concentrate on visiting with friends because everything she looked at was a photo theme! LOL This really is addictive!

  2. Oh…What Fun We Have!!!

  3. I saw this paper at work today and had to pick up a copy for my fellow bloggers Clara, Tricia, and Bobbi! And of course we linked it to our Facebook pages! Look what you all started and how it influenced others! You don’t always know what an impact you make on people. Thank you for including all of us in this passion!

    • Aww thanks Marie! I’m happy that you, Clara, Tricia and Bobbi get as much pleasure as we do out of photo blogging. I love to hear how much fun everyone is having with it.

  4. What fun! I look forward to participating soon!

  5. good times – Josh was pretty clever keeping all that information straight with the three of us nattering away! like the photo!

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