52 Weeks Of Photo Challenges

A theme based photo blog


7. Catch Me If You Can

My grandson Greyson is visiting for a couple days. He is much more mobile since the last time he was here. Our dogs Louie and Lola used to want to see him all the time and would get very concerned if they heard him make a fuss. That’s not true anymore. They spend most of their time looking over their shoulder now to see where the little squirmy one is! And when he sees them it can quickly turn into a game of “Catch me if you can!”



22. In The Trees

When I was in Seattle recently I went past these brightly colored trees several times in Westlake Park. I didn’t see anything posted explaining the bright blue trees and nobody I asked was able to give me a proper explanation.  I decided to snap several photos as I walked quickly through the park.  (My husband was sick of me asking him to stop every 20 feet to take a proper photo!)

Of course when I returned home I googled it. I found that Austrailian artist Konstantin Dimopoulos painted the trees ultramarine blue to draw attention to deforestation. My first thought when reading that was, “Well heck won’t painting the trees kill them?”  Fortunately he thought of that too. The trees are painted with a colorant made from azurite, a vibrant blue rock and water. Over time, the vibrant blue will fade and be washed away by the rain.

I’m not sure seeing the blue trees made me think about deforestation…. I was thinking, “Wow I’d love to be here at night and try light painting!”  But hey, that’s just me…




32. Out Of Place

Recently while visiting Seattle I chuckled to myself when I saw this man playing the piano on a street corner near Pike Place. There were several street performers in the area but he did seem out of place to me. Most street performers don’t bring such a large piece of equipment with them do they? It made me wonder how far he had to push or pull his piano?!  And, had he not been careful this theme could have very easily became “31.Out of Control” or “33. Over the Hill!”



A4 My Hometown

Last week I went to visit my hometown, Auburn IN., for a week. My daughter recently had a new baby girl! I went to help with her other 2 children while she recovered from the delivery.

Auburn is in the Northeast corner of Indiana. About 20 miles north of Fort Wayne right along interstate 69. It is home to the Auburn, Cord Duesenberg Museum, the annual ACD Festival and the site of many collector cars auctions. The biggest of the auctions are held during Labor Day Weekend.  In my previous life time before moving to Florida I used to work for some of the companies, Kruse International, RM Auctions, Auctions America and Vintage Gavel. Probably because I grew up seeing so many collector cars and working for the auction companies I was never impressed seeing the old cars driving around the city streets. It wasn’t uncommon. Because I have lived away for so many years I did notice the cars last week. It made me smile to think about all the school field trips to the museum with my daughters school groups, sitting along the streets with the kids to watch the cars parade through the city streets and walking around the courthouse square to look at the cars on Friday nights during the festival. Once I started working for the auction companies it sometimes became a family affair. My daughters used to help out during some of the sales and sometimes even traveled with me to the smaller sales. Some of the regular customers would look forward to seeing the girls and would ask about them for years to come. I suppose like a lot of things that you do when your kids are little you don’t really appreciate them when they are happening. But it was nice to reminisce last week while driving around town to run errands for my daughter. It was a nice reminder to me to enjoy my hectic visit with my grand kids. I know in the blink of an eye they will be all grown up. I will be fondly looking back at this visit and not remembering what at times felt like chaos…. I will be remembering the bubble baths, reading them books and the kisses good night when I tucked them into bed.



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