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22. In The Trees


When I was in Seattle recently I went past these brightly colored trees several times in Westlake Park. I didn’t see anything posted explaining the bright blue trees and nobody I asked was able to give me a proper explanation.  I decided to snap several photos as I walked quickly through the park.  (My husband was sick of me asking him to stop every 20 feet to take a proper photo!)

Of course when I returned home I googled it. I found that Austrailian artist Konstantin Dimopoulos painted the trees ultramarine blue to draw attention to deforestation. My first thought when reading that was, “Well heck won’t painting the trees kill them?”  Fortunately he thought of that too. The trees are painted with a colorant made from azurite, a vibrant blue rock and water. Over time, the vibrant blue will fade and be washed away by the rain.

I’m not sure seeing the blue trees made me think about deforestation…. I was thinking, “Wow I’d love to be here at night and try light painting!”  But hey, that’s just me…



6 thoughts on “22. In The Trees

  1. Very interesting….and thanks for conducting the research.

  2. What a great story to go along with a very interesting sight!

  3. Like you, I wondered if the paint would kill the trees. It does make for an interesting photo and, wow, light painting would make for a fabulous photo.

  4. They are beautiful! Now I know you wandered around Seattle more than I did, because I didn’t see these trees. However we were there to visit my son not the city. I will see if I can spot them when we go back in November.

  5. That is very very cool. Too bad he didn’t have it noted somewhere about his purpose, because you would certainly think of that every time you saw the trees then. I was going to look it up, too, so I’m glad you did the research for us! And I would not be able to resist taking pictures, either! Thank you for sharing!

  6. Very cool. Blue trees. Who knew?

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