52 Weeks Of Photo Challenges

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42. Standing Out From The Crowd.


hmmmm. I think a better title for this might be “Crossing Guards Gone Wild!”  But that isn’t a choice so I will stick to”Standing Out From The Crowd.” Please someone promise me that if I ever try to leave the house dressed head to toe in neon orange you will stop me.

IMG_9185 copy

10 thoughts on “42. Standing Out From The Crowd.

  1. Great capture……you know orange is the new black ! The tall guy is the same one I see riding around on the orange bike…Momma must be so proud…especially since you have blogged this out for millions to see. This is what a 250 k college degree bought you ?

  2. This picture made me laugh. I promise if I catch U dressed in neon orange, I’ll first take a picture, let you know how you’re dressed AND then post the pic on 52 wk:)

  3. I thought it was fans of the Dutch Soccer team who wear orange – Mindy, I think it is your color go for it and you will blend in with the orange groves down here.

  4. Funny picture…. I think you should dress like this *at least* once a week….

  5. Actually neon colors are great for bicycle and motorcycle riders so they will be seen. Not many can carry off the orange, though!

  6. I have to admit…I wear a BRIGHT orange jacket while riding… I want to be seen!!! (:

  7. On a motorcycle makes sense…. I don’t think this group on the sidewalk were in any sort of danger! 🙂
    The only ones in danger were those passing them who weren’t wearing sunglasses!

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