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A5 Silhouettes


Anyone who knows me well knows that Lido Beach is my favorite beach in Sarasota. I know Siesta Key wins all the awards but I find Lido to be much prettier and less crowded. It’s also easier to find a place to take photos without people walking through your shot.

Last week I went with a friend at sunset for a little picnic. Ok, it was carmel corn and red wine. Close enough. A young fisherman showed up for a little sunset fishing and provided us with a perfect silhouette against a very pretty sky.


8 thoughts on “A5 Silhouettes

  1. Great capture of the theme and colors.

  2. Sometimes it’s those unplanned moments that make for a great photo, as was the case with you when the fisherman entered your frame. Beautiful photo.

  3. Beautiful photograph, but you must be chuckling, because you posted first! Dang! 😉

  4. very nice – a great capture of the moment.

  5. Red wine goes with ANYTHING! Last night I shared red wine with a friend while playing 2 hours of Dominoes! A little Brie on the side too.

  6. What a great sky and you nailed it. The light and colors are wonderful.

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