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4. Architecture


I knew while I was visiting New York City that I would want to use the theme “Architecture.” But I didn’t think I would be so overwhelmed with so many choices!
I chose the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Wow. It is just beautiful even in a snow storm. I chose to use a couple snowy day photos to show you something I did not know when I was there snapping photos…
The Met
The second photo of the front  facade shows a little unknown fact. It is still unfinished. It was the third addition to the original building. Richard Morris Hunt died before construction began on the famous 5th Avenue façade that visitors have known as the Met’s main entrance since 1902, but his son carried out the design almost to his specifications. Thirty-one pieces of sculpture were designed for it, but a lack of funds left piles of uncarved stone atop the columns which has become an “accepted part of the façade.”
In Hunt’s original design, the four columns were to be topped by sculpture groups representing  ‘four great periods of art’: Egyptian, Greek, Renaissance and Modern. Between each pair of columns sat a niche where Hunt intended to set a copy of one great work from each historical era.”

Piles of uncarved stone atop the columns

Piles of uncarved stone atop the columns

In 2011 The Museum announced that 5.68 million people visited the Met during that fiscal year. It was the highest record in 40 years. I wonder how many people looked up long enough to see that something was still left to finish? Or perhaps they were like me and just overwhelmed by it’s beauty!

7 thoughts on “4. Architecture

  1. interesting! … nice to learn something too whilst enjoying the photographs.

  2. I enjoyed your piece of history as much as I enjoyed your photo of the Met in the snow! I did not know it was left unfinished.

  3. I love the photos in the snow! Nice perspectives too. 😀

  4. All the times I have been in NYC, the only time I might have gone to the museum was when I was in grade school and they took us there. I never knew about the building being unfinished. Very Interesting. There is so much to see in NYC, I do not go to the museums.

    • Yes there is so much to see in NYC! I hope to go back when the weather is better! I didn’t know about the Met being unfinished either until I was researching the architectural style for my blog. Now that is the first thing I notice when I see a photo of it.

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