52 Weeks Of Photo Challenges

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47. The S Curve


On one of my recent trips with Mary Nell I grabbed this photo while on a walk near a local Chattanooga landmark.  I was bringing up the rear of the group, of course, because every couple steps I would find something so beautiful I felt compelled to take another photo.

IMG_3789_90_91_tonemapped copy

6 thoughts on “47. The S Curve

  1. Ahhh, yes, I remember that day very well. I also remember those steps (puff, puff, puff). Your photo perfectly depicts that beautiful spot. Good job, Mindy.

    • Yes a lot of puff puff. I could help myself with that if I didn’t think I needed to carry every piece of equipment I have with me all the time. I think New York may have broke me from that habit! What was the name of that park? I forget…

  2. Looks like a place I would like to walk, and we’d be jostling for the last place in line…always bringing up the rear! 😉

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