52 Weeks Of Photo Challenges

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38. Ready For A Book Cover


A friend texted me this little saying over the weekend. She knows me well! Much to the chagrin of my husband I have become a fan of mermaids lately. I thought it would be great as my book cover theme if I paired it with a photo I took at the beach!

mermaid book cover

23 thoughts on “38. Ready For A Book Cover

  1. I love this ! Immediately went to Amazon to order but they said the author hasn’t published it yet…could you get me a signed copy ?

  2. A perfect coffee table selection for tea with the ladies.

  3. I want a copy also, a signed copy, for sure. I’m impressed, my love.

  4. The love your picture & sense of humor.

  5. sounds like a tall tale to me!

  6. I know her vital statistics – 36/24/$2.50 per lb.

  7. Love it! One of the granddaughters theme in bdrm is mermaids!

  8. Funny! And what a super cover! I’ll take the audiobook, please!

  9. Oh Mindy…too funny! (and by the way…Me Too!)

  10. Hilarious – AND a superb evocative picture for a book cover – so many talents Mindy Mermaid!

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