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A6 Animals At Play


This is only meant to be a joke! But it fits a theme for my photo challenge so I am going with it! We have two dogs that think they are little people. When I am in the studio setting up for a shoot they like to follow me and try to get me to take their photo. They always go straight for the ottoman… When I tell them to sit down and smile I really think they know what I am saying! For me and my dogs that is just one of the ways we “play.” I thought I’d show you a photo of each of them “At Play” with me in the studio this week!

This is Louie!

This is Louie!

Louie always tilts his head to the side just a little bit. It’s his go to pose. And Lola can be a real glamour girl! I had my box of silk flowers out as part of a shoot I was planning. I was giggling because I told her lay down and she let me lay several of the flowers around her. She wasn’t thrilled about it but she knew that she couldn’t leave until I got a shot! I can’t help it, they make me laugh…Glamour Dog



13 thoughts on “A6 Animals At Play

  1. Whatever Lola wants…….Lola gets. She is adorable in that provocative pose! And Louie looks regal.

  2. such a cutie! Great photos!!

  3. Their expressions are adorable – what characters – love the idea of Lola amongst the flowers !

  4. If Louie ever goes missing he’s at my house! 😉

  5. Cute photos :), I take photographs of pets too. If you have time feel free to check them out. Many thanks

  6. How did I miss all these posts? I am so anal about checking my stream…wait….maybe it unfollowed you. This has happened to me and others….checking!

  7. Hmm…nope I’m following you. Strange…well nice photos!!! A bit delayed LOL!

  8. Adorable. I can’t wait to get a Havanese in the near future

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