52 Weeks Of Photo Challenges

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52. What’s Cooking?


Tonight it was apple crisp! My husband hates apples so since he is away I made the house smell like warm apples and cinnamon! The recipe I followed belongs to my Aunt Lois who is an amazing cook. I love to use recipes given to me by people I love. It gives me an opportunity to remember that person as I am cooking a dish that reminds me of them. My second favorite apple crisp was the one the lunch ladies made when I was in elementary school. Isn’t it amazing how a certain food can bring back a flood of memories? Aunt Rosie’s Taco Salad, Aunt Alice’s left over pork roast stew, Grandma Vinson’s frozen chocolate chip cookies and german chocolate cake, Grandpa Vinson’s chicken and dumplin’s…. Yummy!

Apple Dumplins

2 thoughts on “52. What’s Cooking?

  1. I just came back from a commute to Tampa Airport – but traffic there and back was great for me. Not so great for those going to the airport an hour later though. So I haven’t had breakfast and I wish that apple/cinnamon smell was in my house! Perhaps just some toast with cinnamon & sugar on top will satisfy me.

  2. OK we are on our way over – wouldn’t want to have any left in the house when the hubby gets back – all that nasty apple and cinnamon smells will need to be gone.

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