52 Weeks Of Photo Challenges

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18. I Had A Dream


We have all been woken in the night by dreams of loosing someone close to us. For me, usually with tears streaming down my face. I’m always so relieved to realize it was only a dream.

I took this photo Memorial Day Weekend, while visiting a family member’s grave, at the National Cemetery in Sarasota. I’m sure everyone who saw them could relate to how they were feeling as they sat in silence. As aware of them as we were, they were totally unaware of anyone around them. I’ve titled this photo, “Colorless World.” While feeling the loss of their loved one their lives must have felt very colorless. The world around them was full of color, they just couldn’t see it through their grief.

Colorless World

6 thoughts on “18. I Had A Dream

  1. I can feel their pain. The photo tells their story.

  2. this is beautiful… it really tells a story.

  3. Great picture– very moving …. You are sooooo good…. It captures the day doesn’t it

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  4. Very moving and beautiful – Ive found myself looking at it for ages .

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