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Getting ready for next years 52 week photo challenge!


The last photo post for this year will be the end of July! We will begin again the first week of August. The themes felt a bit tougher this year we’ve tried to make next years list a little easier. Some of you may not want to continue for another year and that is ok. This is a big commitment! Personally I love that I get the themes stuck in my head and am always looking at the world trying to frame up a photo!

If you are currently blogging this is time to count up how many themes you have left! This week you should have 44 for the current year. You don’t need to panic if you are behind, there is still plenty of time. How many photos have you taken thinking you just might find one better? Well it’s time to be happy with that one, a better one isn’t coming along! Also, don’t forget we have 6 more themes listed than you actually need to use. If you forgot about that you can already breathe a little easier!

If any of you are following our photos and would like to get involved beginning the first week of August just leave me a message. Those of you who are currently posting along and would like to continue please let Mary Nell or I know so we can keep you in the loop. We usually send out the themes the second week of July. That gives everyone a little time to add a tab with the new themes to your blog page and to think about the new themes before we begin.

Some of you who are currently posting might have other photographer friends who might like to get involved. This is the time to let them know what we do!

Get snapping! šŸ™‚

10 thoughts on “Getting ready for next years 52 week photo challenge!

  1. I’m in! I’m not a pro like most of you – but love the theme challenge – and this gives me more of an excuse to have my family cooperate when I want to grab a photo!

  2. I’m in, too. Looking forward to it.

  3. Hi Mindy, This is Karen from California. I have enjoyed shooting and viewing this years 52 Week Photo Challenge. Unfortunately I got a photo and document virus on my PC that wiped out most of my work on this project. I was going to post them this month when school was out and after we returned home from South Carolina. I’ve located some on my laptop and hope to get them up on my webpage soon. Please send me next years list. I would love to attempt this again. Work keeps me very busy but as I said I loved thinking about how I might interpret the themes and going out and shooting them. A quick question…what size to you make your post images? Thanks for all you do to make this such a fun project! Karen Lee

    • Hi Karen! So glad you are enjoying the 52 week photo challenge. So sorry that you lost some photos. That must be very frustrating! We will keep you in the loop with the themes for next year. They are sent out around the second week in July so you can start preparing. But remember…. no photos should be taken for next years themes before August 1st! We all leave the starting gate together! šŸ™‚

    • Karen, I forgot to answer you photo size question. I upload at full size and then choose what size I want it to appear when I insert it. The choice to do that is on the right hand side of the screen while inserting it. Usually I do it large sized.

  4. Mindy, as I think you know, I am in! Have been in from the start and love every week of it!

    • Mary Nell and I are both happy you want to keep going! It has been fun getting to know you so much better through all your photos! The new list will be released in mid-July!

  5. Hi Mindy, Keep me in the look for the next challenge. I’ll continue! Susan

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