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33. Over The Hill


Today while driving to pick up my friend Patricia for a lunch date I couldn’t help but notice this little lawn display. In the past I have seen lawns covered in pink flamingos to celebrate a birthday but a lawn covered in cows is a new one for me.

I used to think any birthday after 39 ending in a zero was considered an “Over The Hill” birthday. However my next birthday is one of those ending in a zero. That would explain why I no longer think if those birthdays as Over The Hill! I have a lot of climb left in me before I start down the other side!

over the hill


tip the cows come home

4 thoughts on “33. Over The Hill

  1. I do love the cows for some unknown reason. But part of the reason is how well you photographed them! And go celebrate every birthday with Gusto (and a few other friends).

  2. a very moo-ving story ….
    (just jealous because I didn’t get to them first!)

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