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Happy Photo Blogging!


Hello all you 52-Week Photo Challenge bloggers! It’s finally here, day 1 of our new challenge year!
For anyone reading about us for the first time let me tell you what we are all about. We are a group of photographers of all skill levels. We use our cell phones, point and shoots or digital cameras to take photos that fit into a list of 52 predetermined themes. You can see them listed in the tab at the top of my blog page titled 2014-2015 Themes.
Once a week we post a photo to our blogs and give a brief description of why we think it fits the theme. You can blog about the themes in ANY order. Our only rule is that you can not use a photo that was taken before today, August 1st.
If you look to the right hand side of this blog post you will see all the other bloggers that are currently participating. That list is growing every day. If you are interested in joining us let me know in the comment section below and I will send you a pdf file that tells you step by step how to set up your photo blog. Before you know it you will be looking at everything around you and trying to match it to a theme. It IS addicting!
We love to see how each other interprets the same theme! We encourage each other by following, liking and commenting on each others photos.
If you would like to read the article that our local newspaper, The East County Observer, did about the 52-Week Challenge click here.




5 thoughts on “Happy Photo Blogging!

  1. You are so right, Mindy. It is addictive! Each year gets better and better and this year should be even more exciting with our new European and out-of-state bloggers. One thing I enjoy so much, other than the interpretation of the themes, is when their photos include the areas around where they live, areas I might not ever see if it were not for their photos.

  2. I agree Mary Nell. We get to see places that you won’t find in a tourist brochure!

  3. You guys look great in the photo, it was a great story and introduction to the current 52 – Week Challenge!

  4. Thanks Vinnie. It had generated a lot of interest! I have received several emails from people in the area wanting to get involved. New bloggers and more importantly new friends!

  5. Thank you to all involved in making this 52 weeks possible for us to enjoy and take part in. Looking forward to it!!

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