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5. Butterflies And/Or Bees


One of the things that I like best about doing the 52-Week Photo Challenge is how it makes me look at everything around me a little bit closer. The themes get lodged in my head and just swim around in there until I find a photo that fits.  As the year progresses it gets a little harder to do something a little bit different than everyone else. And on top of that our numbers have almost doubled this year, which makes it even more challenging. And more fun if you ask me.

I thought of something pretty quickly for the butterfly part of this challenge.  A statue in downtown Sarasota titled “The Butterfly Lady.”  She was sculpted by August Moreau and donated to the theater and arts district by Paul Passerat and Jack Wise in November 2000.  I’ve actually stopped and photographed her in the past. I find her to be full of grace and whimsy.


butterfly lady-textureI found my perfect “Bee” while sitting at a stop light with my husband! I think he’s getting used to me wanting to take photos of random things while squealing about things fitting this theme or that theme. He patiently crept closer while I fumbled for my phone so I could get a couple photos before the light turned green. What a guy!




25 thoughts on “5. Butterflies And/Or Bees

  1. We could totally be related!! 🙂

  2. Before I scrolled down, I really expected the buzzing kind of bee on your windshield!

  3. Great photos of the Butterfly Lady.

  4. The butterfly sculpture is beautiful, I will have to check it out. Fun shots of the bee! 🙂

  5. I like the butterfly lady and the “Super Bee” was a great idea. It is going to be difficult trying to fit in with this group, but oh what fun and getting to see some great photo’s.

  6. I have to go find that sculpture.
    I think I told you that I love looking at photos and with this challenge I like that besides seeing great photos sometimes we find out what’s going on the photographer’s head.

  7. Great photos and great idea for the bees – forgot all about the Super Bees.

  8. Thanks for the ‘Butterfly Lady’ I will have to look for her the next time we get to Sarasota. Great shots, I enjoyed the ‘Bee’ part!

  9. Well done Mindy. I will have to spend more time in Sarasota as there seem to be more photo ops there, than in Parrish, unless you want a picture of the feed store. :-D.

  10. Love the butterfly lady ..gorgeous

  11. The butterfly lady is beautiful and haven’t heard of SuperBee before. Love how the photo bug comes alive in our minds.

  12. Thanks everyone! I’m off looking to fill more themes today in Greece! 🙂

  13. That butterfly lady is gorgeous! And I am really enjoying the quirky interpretations of themes!

  14. You have reminded us that we don’t need to be frustrated by trying to shoot flitting insects. We can look for stationary ones! I’ll be doing that! (Just realized there is one on my lanai…won’t even have to get in the car!)

  15. I agree with you Mindy. I am looking at things in a different way and thinking of how a photo would fit into a theme. Love the Butterfly Lady!

  16. Love these!!! Superbees were so cool. Such a shame you don’t see them very often. Great shots! That sculpture is gorgeous.

  17. Nice – and you tricked me on the bees!!

  18. Lovely butterfly lady – what is the Super Bee please?

  19. That is a gorgeous sculpture. I LOVE what you did with the second photo. I absolutely love the green and the purple tints!! Thank you for the inspiration! I’ll have to play around on my CS5.

  20. Beautiful shot of the Butterfly Lady. Great idea.

  21. Hello Mindy. I like the photos on your blog. I am new to the 52 week challenge as well as “Blogging”. I have never followed one either. I had to tell you I followed the link to the video you mentioned. I LOVED IT! I even posted it to my personal Facebook page. Take care!

  22. Lovely shot of the butterfly lady. Glad there is another husband who gets drawn into his wife’s photography. Have a good time in Greece.

  23. I agree with your comments regarding the way we now focus on “things” generated by this blog. It has forced us to pay more attention to things we would have missed. I really liked your interpretations of the birds and bees this week. Nice job.

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