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36. Right Place At The Right Time


As I write this blog post I am vacationing in Venice, Italy.

I am still sorting through photos… I thought this pair of photos would fit my theme this week and maybe give you all a chuckle. I know I laughed a LOT while I was taking the photos.

I took the photos in Saint Mark’s Square. If you have been there you know that people are everywhere feeding the pigeons and trying to get a photo of as many pigeons as possible climbing all over you. And ummm no, I didn’t do it. I wasn’t prepared to take the chance of bring a pigeon present back to the hotel with me down the back of my shirt.

The photos here are of a family trying to get the attention of the pigeons while the father tried to get the photo. The youngest daughter however, wanted NOTHING to do with it! She was climbing him like a tree to get away from the birds and he was doing his best to balance her while getting the shot. The whole affair was quite funny to watch.

IMG_8107 copy


24 thoughts on “36. Right Place At The Right Time

  1. That’s funny! When I was there it was just the opposite. LOL

  2. I love the photo of the girl clinging to her father, I’m with her, pigeons are rats with wings.

  3. You went to the Piazza di San Marco and came out with pigeon pictures? I guess you will just have to go back and try again!

  4. Very fun, I like birds but that many crowding around would cause me to want to flee too! 🙂

  5. so funny that she’s “climbing” her dads leg! – so your new header – early morning or siesta time? – OR did you use the ND filter to get rid of people – I would be very impressed if thats the case!! (isnt that a trick you can do with that?)

  6. Neat experience. I have pictures of the pigeons all over Sidni to include her hair.

  7. I was there back in 1968, so I guess my pictures won’t count for our blog. I did feed the pigeons and I did drink a Birra Peroni or 2 while there.

  8. Great choice of theme. Looking forward to seeing more Italian photos. Safe travels.

  9. Love it! I never seem to have my camera ready to grab these kind of shots so this theme is very apt. I’d certainly rather be behind the camera than amongst the pigeons too!

  10. It did bring a smile to me! I like the composition of the first image with the bright colour round the edges. She certainly did not like the pigeons. Good Dad accommodating her and managing to get the picture too! Hope you are having a great holiday.

  11. Thank you for the chuckle. Love the little girl seeking safety. Great shot. I haven’t been there since the 1960’s. No camera. Bought postcards!

  12. I was there in October and the water had risen and the plaza was under water – there were no pigeons.

  13. The photo of the child and her Dad is priceless. Great shots!

  14. I was there years ago in January. It was freezing and there were not a lot of people hanging out in the square!

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