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20. Interpretation Of Art


While visiting Venice recently I noticed 2 women setting on the sea wall near Piazza San Marco. They both had their water colors spread on the ground and were staring off at San Giorgio Maggiore.  I walked up behind them with my camera several times to watch their progress. I’ve painted a bit in the past but have never had any luck with watercolors. I never could get the just right balance of water and pigment. All my work ended up being a muddy puddle of brown/gray. I think because of that I really appreciate someone who can master that medium.

I thought it might be fun to use a couple photos I took of that artist and show you what her view was. And then I found a photo that I took while coming into port on the cruise ship of the same building. I tinkered with my photo and did my own “Interpretation Of Art.” I did a little split toning in photoshop to give it a little more depth, a little straightening and cropping and Voilà!

IMG_8204 copy-1


San Giorgio Maggiore Painter

My InterpretationI think we are all artists. No matter what our tool of choice, we are all creating and experimenting. All to show the world how we interpret art through our eyes. And trust me, the world is a better place because I chose a camera for my tool and not a box of watercolors!

18 thoughts on “20. Interpretation Of Art

  1. Very nice, Mindy. Your photos take me back a few years and remind me of when I was there with my girlfriend, whom I no longer have as a result of cancer. I would not take anything for the time I spent there with her. Thanks for the memories.

  2. I’m glad they brought you good memories… 🙂

  3. Beautiful ! Can’t say anything more because I am still too jealous ! My pain will subside eventually.

  4. Beautiful job, lovely photos. Thanks for sharing!

  5. very nice … like the split toned one is – I dont actually know what that is but it works!

  6. Very nice, I must go there someday! How those buildings have been able survive the centuries surrounded by water is amazing to me. 🙂

  7. Beautiful “Interpretation of art”. Thanks for sharing your trip with us. I, too, am very envious. 🙂

  8. Really like what you’ve done.

  9. The woman is doing a really good job with her watercolors – but you did a great job with your camera, too!

  10. Agree on using the camera vice brushes. I leave that part of our artistry to Sidni.

  11. Beautiful Mindy! So true we are all artist no matter what medium we choose to create our art!

  12. I absolutly feel in love with Venice when we visited in the spring of 2013. It’s a photographers dream to photograph. Everywhere you turned there were images that could tell a story or trigger a memory.
    When an artist paints outside its called plein air. I paint with water colors but don’t enjoy doing this. I guess I’m too self conscious. I will paint from a photograph though. Grazie for posting such a creative moment. Ciao

  13. Very nice, Mindy, as always! I really look forward to everyone’s posts to see their interpretation of the themes.

  14. I’m travelling the world this summer with the challenge. And the photos are beautiful, I wonder if the places look as good as the shots?
    If you had chose to watercolor instead of photograph I wonder how all of us would have met you?

  15. As always, lovely photos and interesting copy. 🙂

  16. I enjoyed your ‘Interpretation of Art’ and the scenes of Venice. Our son persuaded me to buy a camera when I retired. He said ‘You taught us to be creative, now it’s your turn.’ I am enjoying my apprenticeship!

  17. Very nice, Mindy! Your pictures certainly brought back memories for me, as well. My wife and I (along with three other couples) visited Venice a couple of years ago. We then boarded our Windstar ship for a seven-day cruise. We have been to many of the great cities of Europe and Venice would be one of our favorites!

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