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40. Simplicity


Last week at our regular LWRDPC (photo club) meeting, a local photographer named Mac Carraway, was our guest speaker. He demonstrated a photoshop technic called ‘Focus Stacking.’  I had trouble reading the chicken scratches I took during the meeting so I did a youtube search to find instructions. Click HERE to see the video I used.

As part of Mac’s demonstration he used photos he had taken of a moonflower vine. I have that same flower growing in my yard. In the past I have taken photos of the flower all opened up. I had never seen the beauty in the half open/ half closed flower until I saw his photos. I decided this morning to give it a shot. I had noticed when I let the dogs out that the flowers were all in various stages of closing for the day.

My photo is a stack of 5 different photos. I followed the instructions from the video then used the quick selection tool to move the flower from the photo to a black background.  I wanted to use a stroke line to frame the flower but white seemed harsh. Instead I chose a color with the color picker in photoshop. It’s a very light green color from the inside of the flower.

It’s not perfect, but I’m happy with it being my first try! I thought it was perfect for the ‘Simplicity’ theme.



If any of you local bloggers would like some moonflower seeds let me know.  Click HERE to see how to grow them.

37 thoughts on “40. Simplicity

  1. Beautiful, Mindy. You did an amazing job! 🙂

  2. Beautiful, thanks for the link!

  3. I would love to be able to grow some but I just read they are toxic to animals. And honestly I MIGHT be toxic to the seed. :-/

  4. Great job. I’d love to have some seeds but I don’t have a clue as to where I might be able to spread them. You’ll have to look next time you come over.

  5. I think it’s perfect for the theme and love the flower.

  6. I love it, but then again I am a nut for doing these kind of technical aspects to create striking photos. Great job.

  7. I love it, I love it a lot.

  8. As soon as I saw the flower I knew where the idea came from. You did very well for the first try. I like the lighting on the flower. I would like to have some moonflower seeds if you have them.

  9. very nice – you nailed it!

  10. Beautiful photo that masks the not-so-simple method of achieving the end result of “Simplicity”. 😉

  11. I am a sucker for white flowers but I know how difficult they can be to keep the detail. Beautiful image and spot on for everything. Will definitely be checking out the video!

  12. I have a feeling simplicity doesn’t refer to the technique, but the result is stunning. Another reminder of how much I have to learn….added to my list! Great picture.

  13. Yes, I agree with other comments, the technique doesn’t seem simple at all, but the final result is just perfect simplicity!

  14. Stunningly beautiful! Will you save me some seeds, if you can? …be there in Nov.

  15. This is really beautiful and I loved the photography lesson along with it! I’m going to learn a lot from you I see!

  16. absolutely beautiful! Love your photo and appreciate the lesson on how it was created!

  17. I missed that meeting so I really appreciate that you provided the information. Your image is stunning!

  18. Beautiful job! I hope it wasn’t a 3:00 am Job 🙂

  19. I think it’s beautiful! I have to go now to see the video so I can see what it is. I haven’t heard of that technique before. Thanks for the info.

  20. Great picture, Mindy! And thanks for sharing the video with all of us. I, too, wrestle with trying to interpret the notes I’ve taken after a presentation as my hand-writing has become atrocious as I’ve aged!

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