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45. Statues


While vacationing this summer I photographed a lot of statues with this theme in mind. It was the last one I took in Venice that is going to make the cut and be included here. It’s a statue dedicated to Bartolomeo Colleoni by the Florentine artist Anrea Verrocchio.

Colleoni, appointed lifelong captain-general for his military service to the republic, led Venetian forces successfully in campaigns against neighboring city-states, beginning in the 1430s and ending four decades later.

Colleoni died in 1475, leaving his property to the republic of Venice with the condition that a monument of him be erected in St. Mark’s Square.  Our guide gave us several reasons why the Venetians wouldn’t allow that… The Venetian Senate found a loophole and were able to come to a compromise. The Republic got the money and Bartolomeo could have his wish. They erected the statue in another square,  the Campo Santi Giovanni of Paolo. There technically IS a statue of St. Mark over looking this square. But not the one Colleoni had in mind…

Bartolomeo Colleoni Monument

Scuola Grande di San Marco


31 thoughts on “45. Statues

  1. You definitely were in the right place to take some great statue photos. Love this one!

  2. Love them in black in white. So interesting to hear the history involved.

    • Thank you Carolyn. I was happier with the black and white. I had to take the photos in the bright light of the mid day sun. I thought it made the colors soft. Going with black and white seemed to pop the contrast back into the photos.

  3. very nice – you even have the knack for taking photos of people after they are dead and chiseled in stone! I can’t even make them look good when they are posing.

  4. They look good in black and white. I like the pov. Thanks for the information about them.

  5. so they were trying to find loop holes even back then! – good story! … love the photo – that horses head is just so beautiful.

  6. Very nice indeed, it almost looks like an etching. That’s a cool effect.

  7. Ahh. The travelogue continues. Very well presented.

  8. Thanks for the history lesson. I love the texture in this shot. It is very 3-dimensional.

  9. I have just taken photos of a lot of statues too, and know how hard it is to get a good photo. Your detail is so clear and I like the black & white.

  10. This makes me want to book a flight to return to Venice Right NOW! Loved that it is a walking or boating city. The quietness just pulled me in. I also did some images in black and white. Being made of stone I think it made the images more powerful.

  11. It was very nice over there – just hated rushing around and not just sitting in a cafe (though we did that for lunch). Being on a ship cruise just does not give you a lot of time to truly explore

    • I agree Sue…. It’s very rushed. I was lucky in Venice because we stayed 2 nights there after the cruise. One day with a private guide who had lived there her whole life… so pretty cool!

      • Our cruise started there, and we did come in the day early but with the long flight, on which I did not sleep, we only had enough energy to go to a glass blower studio for our demo and he made a couple of figurines for us. We did the square and the cathedral the day the cruise started, both of which were under water.

      • Yikes! Under water is not good!

  12. The B&W brings out all the details ,nice choice. I also enjoyed hearing the story behind the statue!

  13. Love the detail on B&W photos

  14. Good ones, Mindy! So much detail in the works that is enhanced in black and white. 🙂

  15. I like the black and white – great choice I think.

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