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3. Backlit


I love the Muhley Grass that I have planted in my backyard. In the fall and winter the purple haze that the plumes give off is mesmerizing, especially when the sun highlights them. This native grass can get about three feet tall and tolerates salt, cold, drought and cold weather.

In the last few days as the weather has started to change Β the color has begunΒ to burst out. I went out two different days so I could catch the sun a little bit different each time. Today was earlier and there was no wind. Yesterday the sun was a little bit higher and there was a pretty good breeze.

I like them both for different reasons so I decided to include them both…

Muhley Grass 1


Muhley Grass 2

39 thoughts on “3. Backlit

  1. love them both but “Purple Haze” really is gorgeous!

  2. Beautiful! What a fitting name for the grass, it does have a hazy effect.

  3. WOW, Great photography Mindy.

  4. Great colors. I think I like the purple best.

  5. Absolutely lovely photos, Mindy!

  6. Very dreamy. I Love the softness of it. I too have Muhley in my front yard at the feet of my queen palms. The purple haze it produces is definitely a sweet gift. Love it!

  7. Very beautiful Mindy. I so love your work!

  8. Really great shots, love the colors. Great job.

  9. beautiful! I’ve always liked the look of those but didn’t know the name. =)

  10. I like both photos equally and think both would make fantastic overlays. Give it a try and see what you think. Share your efforts, of course!

  11. I like them both and can’t pick a favorite, it’s like children I guess.

  12. The purple plumes are beautiful. I never knew the name of them. But, I do know that they can be very invasive. Beautiful shots!

  13. These two are just beautiful… swaying gracefully on the wind.

  14. Beautiful artistry Mindy!

  15. These are beautiful. I love the way the texture comes through. I want to run my hands through the grass! My favourite is the second one, love the green background.

  16. Absolutely beautiful picture! Now I have the song purple haze (J. Hendrix) in my head but it’s worth it. You could sell prints of that for sure! I could see those in big prints in a luxury hotel near the beach!

  17. I wonder how this would do in southern California? It’s beautiful!

  18. Fantastic pics, Mindy. I reeeally like the second one. Amazing stuff, the beauty we see all around us…..if we just look for it! Sometimes the simplest thing can make for the best photos, huh?

    • I totally agree that beauty is all around us. πŸ™‚ We are all lucky to be carrying around a camera… I think it helps us to see it easier. I was just in Indiana enjoying the fall colors. I saw a dead soybean field as one of the most beautiful things I’d ever seen. HA, who knew?!

  19. Beautiful pictures – I’m getting to love grasses – my friend put some in her pots and they look great.

  20. I love the first one best. They are beautiful. I like the movement in the second one.

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