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12. Fences and/or Rails


I just returned yesterday from a trip to Indiana to visit family and friends. While I was there I spent some time alone driving around to photograph the fall colors. During my travels I visited Pokagon State Park located in the northeastern part of the state, near Fremont Indiana. One of the winter activities they have is a toboggan run. I regret that I never tried it. I visited the park in the summer but somehow never made the time to go in the winter.
When I was leavingΒ I stopped by the run, climbed over the chain and up to the top! I thought the photos would be perfect for the 52-week photo challenge. Click here if you’d like to see a short youtube video I found about the toboggan run.



30 thoughts on “12. Fences and/or Rails

  1. I would sooo try that! It looks like a lot of fun.

  2. Naturally, you climbed over the chain. I’d expect nothing less from you! Wonderful photos!

  3. Posted? No Admittance? Err … for everybody except if your name is Mindy!

  4. Girls, it didn’t say no admittance on ANYTHING! Only closed…. πŸ˜‰

  5. You climbed OVER the chain? Nobody will be surprised. Go Girl!

  6. I’d have to be dragged on that – I’d rather do the photos! – would be good for “panning” practice!

  7. Nice shots! I also like your header photo. πŸ˜€

  8. Very cool pictures, Mindy, and the toboggan video was great! I was born in Southern Michigan and lived there until my folks moved to Florida when I was 13. We had a really cool toboggan hill we called “The Lookout”. It probably isn’t all that big but back then, it seemed like a mountain to us! We’d head for The Lookout right after the first big snow and, after that first run (that was always a little scary!), there was no stopping us! Brought back great memories…thanks.

    • When I was little I can remember a hill behind the elementary school seeming really high too. If you went to fast you could hit the building. HA. When my kids were little there was a hill at a local park that all the kids would head to as soon as it snowed. It wouldn’t take long to wear all the snow right off. I guess we shouldn’t complain. We turned in our sleds for surf boards and skim boards. Things could be worse! πŸ˜€

  9. I’d ride that in a heartbeat. Great shots of the run and the theme.

  10. Very interesting. What I remember was doing the Alpine slide in MA – that they built for the mountain in the summer – with a teflon coated plastic slide – you rode down with a brake stick between your legs. If you didn’t brake, you could get up to quite a speed and for me the fear of flying out of the track as you went up the sides of the track going around the corners. Now that I am older and things break so much easier – though this looks straighter than the alpine slide, that first drop looks pretty steep – I would still be on the side taking photos of you doing this.

    • I would still love to try it…. but being cold to do it would hurt more than falling off! HA
      Congrats on your winning photo at last nights salon competition. It was a beautiful photo. πŸ™‚

      • Thank you. The Opera House is just a beautiful building to photograph – the location and building sets up the photo for you.
        It was a nice competition and there were a number of lovely photographs.
        The alpine slide I rode is now gone or I would have suggested you give that a try – in the fall when the leaves are turning – cool and colorful. You might want to check out Attitash Mountain in NH – they have one and they are located in the scenic white mountains of NH – I enjoyed it when I was a lot younger, and I am sure you would have a blast doing that.

  11. Man, this brought back memories! A group of us went there 30 years ago. I remember being so sore after the fact. It would probably take me a month to recover now! This also reminded me of the water toboggan slide on Pretty Lake!

  12. Looks scary fun! Like you high up pic and love the colours and scene of your header photograph.

  13. I like the black and white you choose for the photographs. It sounds scary but fun. Great view from the top. Did you hear the sounds of the tobogganers in the quiet?

  14. Thank you Trudie. I couldn’t hear the tobogganers… but I could feel my tummy jump just thinking how fun it would be to ride!

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