52 Weeks Of Photo Challenges

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17. High Above


Yesterday I took my daughter and grandson to watch Nik Wallenda practice near the new UTC Mall and Nathan Benderson Park.
He did 2 practice walks both on the regular high wire and the incline wire. In just 13 days he will be walking the high wire blindfolded  between 2 skyscrapers in Chicago. I chose a photo I took of him as he walked blindfolded to use for my theme ‘High Above.”
To read more about Nik you can visit his website here.
Nik Wallenda

20 thoughts on “17. High Above

  1. Nice shot Mindy! Love the color of the sky.

  2. Very appropriate for Sarasota. I think he’s crazy. Maybe like a fox.

  3. Nik is quite amazing. Nice photo.

  4. love it – did you do an overlay? love the angles of the wires – perfect! he really is amazing. And he has a sense of humour – he stopped half way and took a selfie! – wonder if that’s on his website?

    • thanks P, I did do a couple overlays just to experiment. I chose this one because I liked all the leading lines of the wires as opposed to something more zoomed in. I felt that the lines added something to the shot.

  5. I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to watch him practice as well. I am in awe!

    • Perfect example of practice makes perfect. He seems very very comfortable up there. I’d love to know if he just looks as far as the wire…. or is he so comfortable that he actually enjoys the view?!

  6. Amazing shot – were you blindfolded too?

  7. that man scares the bejesus out of me.
    I love your photo.

  8. Very nice, Mindy! We did “the tour” of the new UTC Mall last Saturday night and he was on the high wire when we passed by…..as we looked for a parking space! Very creative to use this for the theme, “High Above”; good job!

  9. Great shot. I like the treatment you have given the sky. One very brave man!

  10. I would love to have made it down there for a practice, but time just wouldn’t cooperate, so I will enjoy your pix. He’s definitely got “guts”.

  11. I just can’t imagine doing that…and blindfolded! Would love to see him though I think!!! Nice pic!

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