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44. Someone Working


One of the highlights of my recent trip to Indiana was the day I got to spend with my Dad. When I was a young girl my family used to take canoe trips together. My brother and I were little and had to sit close to each other on the bottom of the canoe wearing our bright orange life jackets and matching CPO jackets.

Dad told me that he had been wanting to take the canoe down the river from a place near his home in Woodburn, Indiana to my sisters house. She lives near Antwerp, Ohio in a house that has property that backs up to the river. I eagerly agreed. I was looking forward to taking photos of the fall colors and reliving a great memory from my childhood with my Dad. But as the saying goes, “Even the best laid plans of mice and men go awry.”

The leaves really hadn’t changed color much and the weather was much colder than anticipated. The canoe was heavier than I had planned for and it was much further to the river from the road than I thought it would be. Both Dad and I were so excited to get started that he left our boat cushions (flotation devices), his jacket and his hat in the back seat of his pickup truck. It wasn’t until we had already begun to float away that we realized it. Dad thought the trip would in total take between 2 1/2 – 3 hours. He kept talking about how after we passed the bridge we would almost be there. Well after  3 hours and with no sight of the bridge I finally dug out my iPhone and brought up my google map app. Imagine the look on my face when I saw the little blue dot was only about half way to our destination. Thank goodness for modern technology… I didn’t remember how similar all river banks look… and how hard it is to find a house along the river before the leaves fall!  Our trip that day took us 6 1/2 hours. My brother in law was surprised we made it that quick. I guess next time we should talk to someone about the distance between point A and point B. And look at google maps BEFORE we launch the canoe.

The first photo is of my Dad working hard at rowing our little canoe. He’s smiling in this photo because it was taken when he still thought we were ‘almost there’!

IMG_9264IMG_9527 copy-1IMG_9286 copy copy


17 thoughts on “44. Someone Working

  1. I love this Mindy! beautiful photos and a special trip with your Dad that you will alway remember!

  2. Why a wonderful story and photos. Even though you encountered some mishaps along the way, I beat you wouldn’t have traded those 61/2 hours with your dad for a million, gazillion dollars! I miss my dad every day.

  3. It was a great day…. Sort of like child birth…. seems better after it’s over. LOL

  4. Now we know where you got your sense of adventure! With all the things before you reached the water (long walk, less color in leaves, missing items), I thought the actual trip would not even happen. This could also be your “Two of Us” posting, and you are very fortunate to have shared this adventure with your Dad. And these are beautiful photos too!

  5. Great photos, great memories, thanks for sharing!

  6. That photo of the leaf floating is one of my all time favorite fall photos. Perfect simplicity

    • I know you like it… and I even considered entering it in a competition. I don’t think anyone from down here in turquoise blue water land would appreciate the brown river water. 😦

  7. I especially love the photo of the floating leaf!

  8. Great photos, Mindy, as well as your recollection of the day spent with your Dad! Since both my parents are now in heaven, I now have only a library of memories and believe me, I spend time there regularly! I agree with the others, the picture of the leaf is one of the very best I’ve seen in this year’s challenge! Simple yet elegant, it speaks to us about the beauty of life and the brevity of life. Wow…..what a picture! This one I saved!!

    • Thanks Randy 🙂 And thank you for the feed back on the leaf photo. I thought people would be put off by the brown colored water. It is a photo that I liked a lot because of the emotional attachment I have to it. I took a lot of leaf photos that day… and each time I make the boat a little tippy trying to get the shot. Dad and I had a few chuckles about that.

  9. I also love the single floating leaf but most of all I love how special your Dad must have felt that you gave him this day. Cherish it! My wish for you is that you have many more such days.

  10. My son had a similar raft trip experience on the Deschutes River in Oregon with my father, only they never did make their destination. What wonderful memories you two must have.

  11. Love the photos – your arms must have been tired!

  12. What an adventure! I wondered too if your arms were sore the next day. I bet your Dad and yourself enjoyed the time together after the event as you said. I love the leaf photo too. It is striking. It definitely do well in our Club competition!

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