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6. Bridge


I have to be honest, I am 3 posts behind and tomorrow is our photo blogger luncheon. Now I find myself in a mad rush to get caught up. This is just the motivation I needed to get myself focused… 🙂  I have the photos taken I just need to make the time to write my posts!

This bridge is in Indiana near one of my childhood homes. I can remember going to the Covered Bridge Festivals as a kid. I can vividly remember when the bridge turned 100 years old in 1973. Wow, I feel old when I start to do that math!

I visited Indiana a few weeks ago and I made sure that I took the time to stop by the bridge to take photos with this blog post in mind.  I was also reminded while taking the photos just how friendly the people are in Indiana. As people approached the bridge they all stopped before entering to make sure they weren’t getting in my shot. One nice man even rolled down his window to see if I needed any help.  Such a nice place to have spent my childhood…

This bridge is located in Spencerville, Indiana. It was built in 1873. It is the only remaining covered bridge in DeKalb County. It was placed on the National Historical Registry in 1981.

Spencerville Covered Bridge

Covered Bridge Inside

28 thoughts on “6. Bridge

  1. Nice covered bridge shots.

  2. I love covered bridges…As I grew up in New England I have visited many of them.
    Great shot

  3. I love old covered bridges. I am so glad this one has been so well preserved.

  4. Gorgeous shot Mindy. I’ve never seen one of these covered bridges. It’s beautiful.

  5. It looks like it is being cared for so that it can reach the next 100 years!

  6. Nice shots of the bridge. You are right about Indiana folks and especially those of us in Southwestern Indiana. LOL.

  7. Beautiful pictures, Mindy, and aren’t you this bridge was preserved and maintained for future generations? Like the old barns, churches, etc., these old, covered bridges are disappearing from the landscape, which is sad.

  8. Nice shots, nice to see another covered bridge from another central USA state!

  9. The photos are beautiful! I wish there were move covered bridges around.

  10. I love seeing the covered bridges. When I was little and lived in Maine, I remember one wooden bridge where we all got out of the car and walked across while the driver proceeded alone. I don’t recall if it was a covered bridge. When I vacationed in Maine some years back, my husband had to be patient while I took photos of every one that we would come across. Thank you for sharing the Indiana bridge.

  11. Okay, I’m a little home sick after seeing your posts tonight 😦 However, I hear it’s snowing and the roads are slippery…I might be over it.

  12. Only 3? I keep shooting but can’t find the time to post. Please don’t give up on me. Can’t wait till I’m retired!

  13. Like the bridge – never seen one like it. I’m late on looking at everyone’s post as well as a bit behind!

  14. Beautiful capture of the bridge. I have seen the movie. Glad to see this one is preserved. It would be a pity if they all disappeared. It is another dimension for me. This blog is bringing alive locations in the American movies I have seen. Another reason to be glad I decided to do it. It is enriching my life in ways I had not even thought of! I am behind too with comments.

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