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16. Group Portraits


Today twenty nine 52 Week Photo Challenge participants got together for a luncheon to meet each other and put faces to blogger names, to share experiences, and chat about what we love about the challenge and photography. Before people started leaving, we gathered outside to take a group photograph. Unfortunately one of our bloggers, Julie Alejos, had to leave early, but another blogger, Patricia Reed, took her place unexpectedly!

When Mary Nell Moore approached Patricia Reed and me about doing a photo blog, I never imagined we’d form so many new friendships.

Click here to read the story that appears the East County Observer about our luncheon.


Pictured left to right, front row- Betty Beckham, Marie Lough, Diane Broda, Julie Zimmerman, Ida McBride, Mary Nell Moore, Mindy Towns and L.B. Blanchard. Second row- Clara Gingrich, Jackie Arrick, Debbie Aitken, Carolyn Eliason, Weezie Eaton, Marc Schweitzer, Ron Owens, Liz Cantarine. Back row- Amanda Sebastiano, Susan Piper, Roxana Walters, Bobbi Aitken, Melody Martin, Pirjo Toivanen, Cathy Smith, Erin Mulvihill, Reijo Toivanen, Vinnie Veneruso, Terry Klopstad, Patricia Reed and Bill Mills.

49 thoughts on “16. Group Portraits

  1. Wish i could have been there. Fine looking group.

  2. Thanks for organizing this, Mindy. Meeting so many of the other bloggers and seeing some of them from previous visits was very enjoyable. Great job!

    • It was my pleasure Ida. You and Debbie coming for a visit was just the motivation I needed to pull the luncheon together. We really need to do it more often…. I love having the face to face time with all our bloggers.

  3. Yes, Mindy, thank you for always going above and beyond. I’m glad I was in town for the luncheon. Thank you for your tireless efforts.

  4. very nice photo – quite a talented group of photographers right there!

  5. What a fun luncheon and I really enjoyed meeting and visiting with everyone. Great shot and thanks so much for organizing the event! 👏

  6. great photo! You had a great turnout! Sorry to have missed… Aidan should have been sick over the weekend. =)

  7. Nice!

    On Mon, Nov 17, 2014 at 7:25 PM, 52 Weeks Of Mindy’s Life wrote:

    > Mindy Towns posted: “Today twenty nine 52 Week Photo > Challenge participants got together for a luncheon to meet each other and > put faces to blogger names, to share experiences, and chat about what we > love about the challenge and photography. Before people started leaving, we > “

  8. Great luncheon. Thanks for organizing, Mindy.

    • Thank you Mary Nell for proposing this whole 52 week challenge! Without you it never would have become what it is today. I’m so grateful for the wonderful friendships we have all made from being involved in the challenge. 🙂

  9. Great luncheon with a chance to mingle with our fellow 52 week friends. It was great to hear so many different outlooks. Great group photo…we all look good!

  10. Not sure how I overlooked your e-mail concerning the luncheon, Mindy, but by the time I got to it, the deadline for sending the RSVP had already passed. I know you all had a good time and how neat that those who attended can now put a face with many names! Next time!

  11. Thank you so much for planning this wondereful luncheon and for providing the chance to meet fellow bloggers.

  12. Looks like there was a great turnout! Next time I will have to take off work.

  13. Thanks for “including” me!

  14. I had a great time talking to everyone. Thanks for organizing and capturing the group for posterity!

  15. Thanks for putting this group together! Great job!

  16. So sorry I had to miss. Yesterday was one of those days. I will not miss the next one.

  17. So nice to meet the bloggers. Thanks for your efforts, Mindy!

  18. Oh what fun it was!! Listening to everyone speak I got a feel for their blog. Ida, you’re just what I expected!! 🙂 Just thinking about this luncheon makes me smile. Thank YOU Mindy!!! Yes, let’s do it again. Even if I can’t hang around I will show up for as long as I can. I feel honored to be a part of this wonderful group.

  19. Sorry I missed the lunch, but Mary Anne takes priority at this time. Gary

  20. You actually took a group photo where everyone has their eyes open and a smile on their face! I enjoyed meeting some new people on Monday. Thanks for planning the luncheon.

  21. There couldn’t be a more perfect fit for the theme than this!

  22. Great to see all of you together. I bet it was a great lunch. Pity I am so far away! Anyone near London to have a meet?

  23. You got a nice photo and article. Glad you were able to get some of the people who live so far away. As usual, I was working.

  24. I am sooooo far behind looking at the 52 weekers photographs what with one thing and another. It was a great time we all had thanks to you for organising and so glad Patricia made the occasion!

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