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22. It’s A Mystery


While driving around Tarpon Springs, happily lost, my friends and I noticed this old Spanish style building.  We made a mental note of it’s approximate location so we could come back to it after we visited the sponge docks.

It was old and beat up and did not fit in with the historic neighborhood filled with beautiful victorian style homes. The doors were locked tight but one window was broken out. We could see that there was some type of remodel under way.  We had a lot of questions but no answers until I was able to do some research after returning home.

I’ve found that the abandoned three-story building was built in 1926 and originally was christened First Baptist Church. It is currently known as,  A Glorious Church.  It is being transformed into a residential home by it’s current owner Richard Boeckl. Only the buildings majestic frontage along Read Street will match the remnant of the facade.

Boeckl purchased the building in the early 1970’s and rented it to several congregations until a 1993 storm flooded its ground floor with three feet of water and ravaged sections of the roof. He has been doing his best to maintain the building over the years. At one time there was a plan to remake the space into an antique condominium. In an old newspaper article that I found Boeckl said he hopes to have a certificate of occupancy within a year. Based on what we saw through the broken window and the photos shown in the article I think that might be a stretch. When I have a chance to revisit Tarpon Springs I will certainly seek out the old church again to see what progress has been made. How it turns out will remain a mystery until my next visit.

A Glorious ChurchA Glorious Church 2A Glorious Church 3





20 thoughts on “22. It’s A Mystery

  1. Looks like it could have been a Spanish mission from long ago. I hope he can bring it back to its original beauty.

  2. I would like to see the result, I hope you are going back next year! In Newark, NJ an old Catholic church was turned into a restaurant with offices on an upper level. Great Sunday brunch btw.

    Nice job Mindy!

  3. Good Detective work along with the photos.

  4. It was surely a mysterious site to see, well captured in your lens! Thank you for the history info. It definitely will be interesting to see how she is returned to working order. Hopefully, without losing its historical charm.

  5. It’s great to know the history. I truly hope the owner does right by it.

  6. I was surprised it was originally the First Baptist Church. The architecture is certainly Spanish Mission and I would have expected the first church to be a Catholic Mission. Well taken pix.

  7. Great eye! I haven’t done the Sponge Docks yet, but definitely need to. Like George, I would have guessed Catholic.

  8. What a great find! And great lighting!

  9. Beautiful building! I’d love to photograph it 🙂

  10. Interesting building and thanks for the results of your research. Beautiful sky captures.

  11. Mindy I love how you captured the sky in each shot and the angle you choose was perfect! Beautifully done!

  12. The photographs are marvellous and they have an air of mystery to them/ You feel the building is calling out to be cared for.

  13. Gorgeous light in the second shot. Love both of them!

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