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39. Shot Through Glass


My grandson, Greyson, was with us on Christmas morning this year. It was great fun to be able to watch him open a few presents. Like a lot of 2 year olds he seemed more interested in normal everyday things than he did in his presents. This year his favorite thing to play with was the patio door. The perfect gift for him would have been a tiny, just his size patio door to take home to open and close all year long. Of course if I HAD found him a tiny door he would have probably been more interested in the box!


31 thoughts on “39. Shot Through Glass

  1. I love his little outfit!! And I can’t believe you’re a Grandma!!

  2. You have a way of capturing people’s thoughts in an image – I can hear this little guy’s wheels turning!

  3. His Santa-look-alike suit is adorable. And so are you in the reflection! I agree it’s hard to think of you as Grandma even once! Kids start young, right!

  4. Such a cutie and ALL BOY!!!

  5. Great shots – as always, I love the intensity on his face. You know, Home Depot may have a sample door, now if I create a distraction …….

  6. Great shots Mindy. Isn’t fun to watch their creativity at work? His Santa suit is adorable. πŸŽ…

  7. What a treat it had to have been to have a little one in the house again…I miss that. He is adorable in his lil Santa suit, and you captured his little boy inquisitiveness well. πŸ™‚

  8. Kids love the simplest things. Adorable grandson.

  9. He’s adorable and you have captured him beautifully. Our two Australian grandchildren are great fun. We have 6 grand children, one boy and 5 girls in 3 families and it is the first Xmas they have all been together. His Aunt bought him a gun which shoots foam bullets so the girls have all been screaming as little girls do! His parents said we are not taking it back to Australia!

  10. I especially like Grandma superimposed on her Grandson – very nice.

  11. He is precious! I love how the reflection seems to go right through him, then the little selfie of your reflection. Nice work.

  12. Love the series of shots. Vinnie definitely has the right idea about a mini-sample door.

  13. I just love him! Great shots!

  14. How typical of the unpredictable — but so cute and lovable — two year old! Love the suit!

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