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2. Below The Knees


A couple weeks ago my husband and I were given two tickets to go watch the Tampa Bay Lightening vs. Toronto Maple Leafs hockey game. My husband is from Maine, was very active with the University of Maine Black Bears and both of his sons played a lot of hockey as kids. He loves the game! Β I on the other hand am from Indiana. I grew up on IU basketball. And I hate the Purdue Boilermakers. Don’t ask me why, I’m not really sure. I think my mom told me I had to, it’s a family rule. Β In Indiana you are either an IU fan or a Purdue fan. And I still make fun of Gene Keady’s hair. If you have to ask… well don’t.

Sorry I digress. I agreed to go to the game or a few reasons. I thought it would be fun to spend time with my husband doing something he enjoys so much, he said the tickets were in the 4th row, I thought a hotdog sounded good to eat and I thought I would get a few shots for the 52-week photo challenge without a whole lot of effort. After all, he did say 4th row!

At first I thought I was going to try to get a good panning shot. My sitting so close proved to be problematic for panning. I couldn’t even get a lock on the player before he was gone and shooting through the big giant plastic wall wasn’t helpful trying to focus either. I guess now I know why there weren’t any other people sitting with cameras that I could see. They were more focused on yelling at everyone to punch each other! I ate my hotdog and plotted a new strategy. I decided to focus on just the goalie. And in particular the goalie “below the knees”. It was still a struggle to focus on him and try and look out the corner of my eye at the jumbo-tron at the same time. It was hard to know when they were headed back to my end of the arena. I did all of this while balancing my hotdog on my lap! I’m going to have to use a few so you can see that I did get better at it and managed to even catch the puck slipping through the goalies knees and into the goal. All this was accomplished with only 1 drip down the front of my shirt from my hotdog! The last photo made the cut because Santa Claus appears to be enjoying a big cold beer in the stands. And that made me giggle. I wonder if he ate a hotdog? I didn’t see any mustard down the front of his shirt…



25 thoughts on “2. Below The Knees

  1. Great action shots and funny dialog.

  2. Mindy, great shots. About IU and Purdue, there are some of us who sent kids to both schools, so we do like them both. Bobby Knight was easy to make fun of because of his coaching style and I agree, Gene Keaty should have given up on his hair many years before. LOL. I’m glad your only problem was with a dripping hot dog, not a wayward puck.

    • I bet the Purdue vs IU game night is interesting at your house! Bobby did give a lot of people ammunition…. I can’t argue that point. I’m still secretly in love with Steve Alford! πŸ˜‰ Don’t tell my husband!

  3. I like Santa Claus – so funny!

  4. You make me giggle reading your posts!! Love these shots.

  5. LOL! At some point those splits have to hurt.

  6. Great goalie shots and Keady’s shoe polish hair was a perfect accessory to that permanent scowl – little susie sunshine that guy was. When you grew up playing hockey outside on ponds it is weird to see fans in flip flops and short sleeves and Jimmy Buffet tunes blaring as you come into the arena. Glad you liked the game – television does not do it justice, you have to see it in person.

    • I will stick to watching it indoors listening to Buffet music. Mike is teaching me the difference between a blue line and a foul line. I’m already familiar with the hotdog line and the bathroom line.

  7. Great shots, the goalie looks like he posing for you in the first one! You crack me up with your play by play. 😝

  8. Being from New England and growing up with hockey, to me there is nothing like seeing a game in person. Even the women/girls played. I was member of the booster club for our team until they brought in a player from NY to fight. Most of the booster club walked out. Most of us gave up our season tickets. We remember hockey when it was supposed to be played clean and you got penalized for some of the fighting they do today.
    Never tried to photograph but with the plexiglass panels – you did a great job with that in the way.

    • Thanks Sue. My husband was impressed with how fast the Tampa team is. He compared them to the Bruins saying how much bigger and physical they play in comparison. I enjoyed photographing something outside my comfort zone just for fun.
      We did have a minor league team in Fort Wayne, Indiana, the Komets. I went to few games over the years. I suppose because I never really understood the game, I never became a big fan.

  9. Well written and well shot.

  10. Some great shots and story. I went to one professional hockey game in my life, I saw Bobby Orr score his 500th goal and did not know it until it was well over – the action is so fast.

  11. Great shots and I love your story telling. Some of the splits look painful! Sounds like a fun evening!

  12. Very nice. When I saw my first hockey game I was trying so hard to concentrate on where the puck was, that I missed other things. Like how I thought it was incredible that the plays played so long that they must be exhausted. I was corrected, they rotate players all through the game.

  13. You got some really great action shots!

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