52 Weeks Of Photo Challenges

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1. At A Distance


I have only ever seen the St. Louis Gateway Arch at a distance until recently. This time I was able to see it right up close! Even standing right next to it the observation area still seemed rather far away. It really was much taller than I expected it to be…

from a distance

14 thoughts on “1. At A Distance

  1. Wow, it looks different close up. Great shot

  2. Really nice shot! Did you go inside and up to the top? Most disturbing experience I have ever had, the “elevator” ride up is one I will never repeat!

    • I did not go up to the top! I have never had someone tell me it was fun. lol I only was able to spend about 15 minutes there. As soon as I disappeared over the top of the stairs my husband came after me…. lol He knew I’d wander away quickly! I tend to get a bit lost in my photography…

  3. I like the perspective on this.

  4. Quite a view from the top. Did that back in ’74

  5. This is awesome! I’d never seen it up close either… I would never had dreamed that’s what it looked like!!

  6. I did go to the top of the arch. It was quite a while back, and at night, but it was quite nice seeing across the river into East St. Louis.

  7. Just had a look at the whole arch online. It is impressive. I like the perspective you have captured.

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