52 Weeks Of Photo Challenges

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13. Forced Prospective


Last week I took a quick trip to St. Louis with my husband to visit family. As our plane was taking off for our return flight I was snapping off photos on my iPhone. At the time I was thinking that the photo was going to fit the theme “Rows and Rows Of.” It wasn’t until later when I was looking at the photo on my computer screen that I saw something different! When I showed my husband he just said, “You have quite and imagination.”  If you look in the bottom left corner you will see the shadow from our plane. But, on the ground there is another plane taxing to its gate. To me it appears that the plane on the ground is flying very low and casting it’s shadow on the ground. The only problem is the shadow is going in the wrong direction! But I still like it!

Forced Prospective

17 thoughts on “13. Forced Prospective

  1. It is a great optical illusion. Have you fried cropping in on that section so it’s even more noticeable? Cool!

  2. I know you will get me because of “fried”……..

  3. This is the photographic process known as Reverse Forced Perspective! Well Done!!!!

  4. You are a creative person! Good eye!

  5. clever! – well spotted.

  6. you are quick! Not only did you figure this out, but you snapped the shot, too! I’m impressed! You still owe me that Snickers! =)

  7. Could also be under Differences…going in different directions!

  8. I love it – it really makes you look again and gets you thinking.

  9. This is funny – I was reading your description and looking at the pic – NOT reading your last sentence but looking at it and thinking – that can’t be and then thinking …… I agree with Mike!! Then of course read your last sentence and I like the pic and I do think the taxing aircraft looks like it’s flying ✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️

  10. Quick thinking! I needed it to be spelt out before I got it!!!! Cool shot.

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