52 Weeks Of Photo Challenges

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37. Rows And Rows Of…


To fulfill this theme I chose a photo of rows and rows of gondolas that I took when visiting Venice, Italy. I did some post processing with Topaz Impressions and Flypaper textures.

All of Italy reminds me of a painting so I thought it was an appropriate effect to try on a photo taken there.

Venice Gondolas


33 thoughts on “37. Rows And Rows Of…

  1. You did a great job processing this photo and I would be surprised if you did not frame it and hang it on your wall. Beautiful!

  2. amazing how much it looks like a painting! very nice.

  3. Nicely processed. Looks like a painting.

  4. Its beautiful Mindy, really does look a painting.

  5. Wow! Can I say WOW again? Lovely image, but the processing makes it so artistic!

  6. Outstanding shot Mindy. A ribbon winner.

  7. Thanks George. I’ll have to find the right contest…. F3C doesn’t like artistic!

    • p.s. George… wasn’t it you who posted a photo of gondolas a while back?? I’m thinking it was…. it was the photo that inspired me to take this photo when I finally got to visit Venice. πŸ™‚

  8. love this! Looks just like a painting! Great work! =)

  9. very nice painting effect, but it is a great photo to begin with.

  10. Wow! That really looks like a painting, Beautiful work of art!

  11. I love this photo! So pretty

  12. I like the contrasting blue and orange tones. The editing brings it out perfectly. It is well worth being hung! Love it.

  13. Nice processing, and you started with a good comp.

  14. This could easy be a painting on someone’s wall. Very nice.

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